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Boycott or Protest?

As the Government cuts hit home and people begin feeling the ‘pinch’ and adjust their consumption patterns accordingly, there is a lot of anger in the country towards the Government and tax evaders and avoiders – such as Philip Green of the Arcadia Group.

Recently there have been protests against the Government’s cuts to education, and the decision to increase tuition fees, a bricking up of the entrance to a Vodafone Store and protests outside the Topshop on Oxford Street. These are some of the high profile protests around the country emannating the dissatisfaction with the ‘unfair’ situation many now find themselves in.

Protests are a useful tool for raising concerns about a particular issue loudly and quickly. However, for a long lasting contribution to the wider issue it falls dismaly short of the desired effect.

Proactive engagement does work, but it is often difficult to enter into discussion with one or all of the parties concerned.

Boycotts, though not applicable to everything, do produce a desired outcome. Money speaks louder than words – so take your custom elsewhere and, if a large proportion follow suit, the party concerned will begin listening.

Boycotts helped bring down the Apartheid regime in South Africa, they can help in getting tax avoiders and evaders to pay their tax too.

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