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Privacy and the cult of celebrity

Super-injunctions have recently dominated the news cycles. The heart of this is privacy and individuals attempt to remain private.

The cult of celebrity is fairly recent phenomenon in Britain and super-injunctions have become an increasingly used tool for the rich, powerful and public personalities to keep their private lives private.

Why is there an invasion of privacy?
In short, the cult of celebrity is responsible. Most people are interested in the lives of others to substitute the mundanity of theirs. My grandfather recently remarked on the Royal Wedding that he would not watch the broadcast because he would not want to be party to something that he has not been invited to. A wedding is a private affair, an affair is a private affair, being a banker is a private affair.

Private affairs are not in the interest of the public, yet they are deemed to be of interest due to the cult of celebrity. The public’s morbid obsession with the intimate lives of celebrities and, to a degree, celebrities’ obsession with disclosing their intimate lives to the public. It is self-perpetuating madness.

In order to inhibit the growth of super-injunctions, and injunctions as a matter of fact, it would be wise to take a moral stock check and abolish this terrible cult.

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