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London: The City paved with debt


London: The City paved with debt were words, to the effect with less profanity, that were heard uttered by recent arrival to the City, Richard Whittington.

Richard, who goes by the name of Dick, arrived in the City recently accompanied by his cat. He was lured to the City on the promise of gold and riches. London was so wealthy its streets were said to have been paved with gold. Those days are long gone and the warm, soft gold has been replaced by cold, hard concrete.

Dick, a poor orphan boy, made his way to London from the gentle countryside in which he was raised.  After spending a week hunting for the gold and his last pound being spent on a swig of a tramp’s White Lightening, Dick collapsed, cold, hungry and tired, in front of the Fitzwarren Corporation.

The Fitzwarren Corporation, owned by the wealthy Fitzwarren Family, took pity on Dick and employed him as an errand boy. Soon Dick, through hard work and the cuteness of his cat,  was able to rise through the ranks of the Corporation to become PA to Mr Fitzwarren.

However, it was not before long that the Fitzwarren Corporation was faced with bankruptcy after being swindled out of its money by banks in the subprime mortgage business. The Corporation folded and Dick was made redundant. He had to sell his cat so he could make his rent.

Dick’s dreams of riches were dashed and his only worldly companion sold so he could survive.

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