Aims and Values

The purpose of this page is to create the Aims and values of the Oldfield-Pike Project. It has already been established as a cross-party project incorporating the talents and ideas of individuals in order to create a better society. Throughout the coming weeks, months and probably years, the Oldfield-Pike Project aims to use collaboration of inidivuduals and ideas from a range of backgrounds and politics to create a programme for change.

The Oldfield-Pike Project exists to inject truth, fairness, equality, justice, tolerance and reform into the political, economic and social systems.

The Project is also looking to recruit individuals who share in the overall aims of the Project as contributors, analysts and senior team members.

  1. March 14, 2011 at 21:03

    Hello there,

    I was just wondering what your take is on the Cornish question?

    Rydhsys rag Kernow lemmyn?

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